Celebrating the New Years, with a Bang!

I hope that everyone had a nice holiday season. Going back to hometowns, visiting parents, grandparents and old friends, but now that’s Christmas is over, there’s just one more to go. Yes, I’m talking about New Years Eve; New Year’s resolution a new you and of course… A New Year’s Party!

Going to that Big Party, there are 3 personas to choose from to celebrate one hell of a party.

The “Cheery Chuck” – You have a few drinks early on, just taking it easy so you’ll all be good and sober by midnight. You can remember what you did, you can go home by yourself, and you don’t have any embarrassing photos of you dancing on top of a table or a weird story to tell your grandkids of “that time you got drunk and woke up in prison.”

The “Stumblin’ Stew” – You drink early on in the night and keep on drinking until midnight, just staying dangerously below the “drunk” line so you can somewhat remember what you did the whole night. The plus side is you’ll discover your hidden dance moves, (you might want to keep it hidden) get a few numbers and prevent yourself from getting beat up by the huge guy over at the bar. The next day the only thing you’ll be able to do is sit down on your couch, watch some T.V. and drink some aspirin just short of getting an overdose.

The “Hurlin’ Howie” – You take off from work early in the afternoon, go to a bar and drink yourself until your “uptight” hard working buddies arrive. Drunk by 7 and totally wasted by midnight, but at least you’ll have awesome stories to tell, since you were able to talk to over 50 girls all night and chances are you could have at least landed one date. You have the best New Years diet by losing 3 pounds orally just after midnight. The morning after, your buddies now have dirt to blackmail you with, you spend most of your day hugging the toilet and you receive a call from a girl, with an unusually husky voice saying “I had a great night. We should go out again sometime.”

So just pick a game plan and stick with it. Since this is just a 1 year thing, might as well enjoy yourself. I just hope you don’t wake up in a prison… in Mexico.