Quick tips when dating a guy who’s broke

The age old question, “Do it for love or money?” is something posed upon women when they get a first date with a very wealthy man. Though we’re not saying that the two are always exclusive to one another, there can be times where women must choose between them. In our present day and change, there are more and more women becoming top-position holders at their industries.

The million dollar question for women is this: Should they date someone who is in a deep financial pickle? We provide some quick tips to answer that question.

Find a steady job before a steady relationship!

Man needs his career. And, when he is successfully moving upwards his career, it opens up many opportunities for him. Like, for example, dating other women. Men, in order to date, needs money. They must have stability over their lives first before involving others. Which is why if a man is financially unstable, it may very well reflect on his love-life, too.

Yes, sure, casual sex, one night stands, booty calls, etc.- men are great at that! Regardless if their broke or not, they are always ready for a quick booty call. However, if a man is broke, lives with his mother, and is unwilling to even find a job, it’s not very wise to consider him “husband” material.

Know what he is doing with his life.

Dating a man with a stable job is good. Dating someone who just got a big promotion is even better. We’re not encouraging you to become gold diggers or anything, we’re just pointing out that if a man is successful in his chosen career, he is more likely to be responsible in your relationship.

From an early age, men had been taught that he must provide for his family. And in whatever industry a man works in, his ultimate goal is to be successful in it. If he sets his mind on something related to his career, he will do everything to accomplish it. Then, after it’s all said and done, rest assured that men are responsible enough to commit to a long lasting relationship. Again, money is not everything when it comes to dating, which leads us to…

Having a plan

How a man plans special things with you even on a short notice is a big plus. It may not necessarily be expensive or a full-blown trip to Europe, but it can also be a trip to the park. A picnic by the bay or just stargazing at night is much more romantic that a getaway where the men intends to be on his cellphone 24/7. Girls want to feel special. They want that extra effort put in by their man, and asking your assistant to plan it is a big let-down for them.

The main question is does money really matter?…